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Can I Lose My Reiki Energy If I Share It With Other People?
Many people consider that Reiki involves sharing your energy with other people so that they attain energetic balance. From here the wrong assumption is that when healing too many people or when sharing the Ki energy with them, the practitioner's energy is depleted and he/she is more prone to energetic imbalance, hence diseases or illnesses. This is the wrong way of addressing the problem of loosing energy to the patient as this does not happen.

The best way to explained that loss of energy occurs is explained below

When the energy is channeled by the practitioner towards the patient, both the practitioner and the patient are considered to be in need of energy. Thus, the Ki energy addresses both the practitioner and the patient. It is practically a double healing and while the practitioner is only the means through which the energy reaches the patient, the divine force considers that the practitioner should also be healed. This is why there is no possible way through which the energy of the practitioner could ever be depleted. When you are working only as a channel, a transmitter and none of your resources are involved in the procedure, there is no reason to be afraid of remaining without resources.

In addition to that, the practitioner's ego is not involved in any way in the process of healing. The energy is guided by the supreme force to the parts of the body which need care, so that the healing force is the divinity and not the practitioner, the latter being only the channel.

After undergoing a healing session, both the practitioner and the patient are surrounded by positive energy which gives them that sate of well being so much cherished by all those practicing Reiki. Thus, in addition to being a positive experience for the patient, the Reiki sessions are highly beneficial for the practitioner, too. They get to help people heal and at the same time they undergo a process of cleansing and purification.

Thus, if you have never wanted to share your power with others for fear of not depleting your energy, it is high time that you reconsider your attitude and start helping people cope with their problems. It will be beneficial for both of you! We all know that positive energy flows through us so there are always benefits to sharing it.

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