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Can Reiki Harm the Healer or the Person to Be Healed?
Nowadays there are thousands, maybe millions of medicines claiming to relieve patients from pain and offer them solutions to their problems. Yet, most of them have serious side effects which can lead to the disruption of internal balance in other regions of the body. Thus, while healing or at least alleviating the conditions on one area, they cause another problem in another part of the body. This is not something which happens with Reiki. Reiki is a non-invasive technique which involves channeling the positive energy throughout the human body.

Unlike the modern medicines, the universal energy is harmless and because it is guided by a supernatural force (God, divinity or whatever name you want to give it) it reaches the spot where it is needed. Thus, whether you know exactly what is to blame for your suffering or not, the energy will discover it and will heal it. There is no need for any medical checking and in most cases the practitioner is just guiding the energy to enter the body, then leaving it to wander feely. This allows the practitioner's ego to stay away from the procedure, leaving the Creator to do the healing process.

There is no risk or side effect associated with Reiki because the energy introduced inside the body is the energy of life, the same that all living creatures have inside. This is positive energy which can never do harm neither to the patient nor to the healer. In fact, both of them will have a state of well being after the procedure is completed.

In addition to that, the human body will retain as much energy as it needs to have a balanced activity, while freeing the one it does not need. The energy will go outside the body, leaving it balanced and in good shape.

Reiki is based on principles of positive feelings, peace and harmony and it uses positive energy, thus it can not be used to harm anyone and it is safe for both parties involved in the healing process. Thus, if you have had any previous doubt about undergoing this type of healing you should give up your fears and let the Creator heal your body and soul problems with Its positive energy!

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