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Hands on and Distant Reiki Healing
Reiki is the healing technique through which one person, called Reiki practitioner channels the vital energy through another person's body, usually called patient or recipient. This procedure can be done by the practitioner in two different ways: either by using their hands to channel the energy, also called hands-on technique or by using the power of mind when the patient is not in the same location as the practitioner (called distant technique).

Hands-on technique
It involves the direct contact between practitioner and patient. Usually the practitioner places their hands on key areas from the patient's body, thus channeling the energy throughout the entire body. There are several key positions which can lead to the total healing or alleviation of people's suffering. When using hands on Reiki, the practitioner will feel a vibration in their hands or a warm feeling trespassing their body. This is the sign that the energy goes through the practitioner's body towards the patient. Sometimes these feelings can be felt of the soles of the feel, so the practitioner may use their feet too, in order to perform a more effective healing.

At Distance Reiki
At distance Reiki functions in almost the same manner as the hands-on technique in the sense that the practitioner it is used as channel and guide for the positive energy. The only difference is that the patient is no longer in the same room with the practitioner, but at a considerable distance, sometimes at the other end of the world.

Many people consider this type of Reiki procedure weaker than the hands-on technique, but it fact it they are equal in power and positive effects. This is mainly because we are all united through positive energy and no matter where they are, the individuals can connect with one another through the power of positive energy. There are cases in which the future Reiki Masters receive their attunements or empowerments at distance, following the same principle of the energy bonding all people.

No matter what type of Reiki procedure you choose, it is highly important to think positive and surround yourself with positive persons, so that the energy will flow through your body undisrupted and you will have a sense of well being all your life.

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