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What Is Attunement and Why You Need It to Perform Reiki
Reiki sessions always need two people: the patient and the practitioner. The practitioner is not just any person claiming to have powers in guiding energy. In order to be a real Reiki practitioner one must receive the necessary attunements and have at least two of the three levels of becoming a Reiki master completed. This will enable them to heal themselves (first degree) and to heal others (second degree). People who have not received these attunements are not working with Reiki, but rather use other types of energy healing. Thus, it is important to ask your Reiki practitioner if they have the necessary attunements to practice Reiki. It will be a way of ensuring that you are not dealing with a scam.

Reiki attunements, also known as empowerments are special Reiki sessions in which the Reiki Master (which is also the teacher) transfers part of the energy and of their learning to the students wanting to be introduced to Reiki. It is a special process which acknowledges the fact that the students are ready to work with the supreme energy and can heal themselves (first attunement) and the others (second attunement). The last attunement represents the ability of the student to become a Reiki Master, thus not only to be able to use the Ki, but also to share their knowledge with other people and become a teacher for them.

The attunement for all these three levels used to be given all at once, but to avoid superficial people from trying to get it, it was split into three with different stages of preparation, meditation periods and preparation for the special event. Thus, only those determined to help people will be able to get this attunement.

One can receive their attunement personally, using the hands-on technique, or, if the teacher is at the distance, they can send the attunement from the distance. There is no difference between the two types of attunement, apart from the convenience of not leaving your own home to attend a miles away attunement.

In order to practice Reiki every individual must receive their attunements or empowerments. Without them they are not Reiki Masters and cannot channel the vital energy, which will lead to no effect after the so called Reiki sessions. So, make sure that your Reiki Master has received all the attunements before starting the healing sessions.

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