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What Types of Illnesses Does Reiki Heal and How?
Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy which works by guiding Ki through the patient's body. Ki is the universal energy, God's power which keeps all the living creatures alive. In normal situations, when the body is in good shape and the person has a state of well being, the Ki flows undisrupted through the entire body. During the time when the Ki has a normal flow through the body, the person is happy and positive feelings are present in their mind and soul.

Yet, when negative thoughts make their way through the individual's soul, the Ki flow is disrupted. This means that one or more areas of the body no longer receive the amount of life energy needed to function properly. The situation can be solved by leaving positive thoughts enter one's soul. When this is not possible and the negative energy lurks inside the body, the affected areas become more prone to developing certain illnesses and diseases. This is when Reiki must be used to guide the Ki and restore the balance inside the affected bodies.

The practitioner guides the Ki through the body and with the help of their hands, they direct the energy towards the parts of the body which require help. If the practitioner does not spot exactly the area with the problems, the energy will go to the affected area, no matter if it is guided in that direction or not. Thus, the results of this technique are guaranteed regardless of the practitioner's ability to discover the affected area.

Because it balances the energy inside the human body, Reiki has been used to treat all types of body illnesses and diseases. Moreover, it has been used as complementary therapy along with medicines.

Not only physical conditions can be treated with the help of Reiki. Ki can also improve the overall condition of people with emotional problems. In fact, as pointed out previously, the negative energy (or negative thoughts) is at the basis of all problems, so dealing with those is the first step in any Reiki treatment. Thus, if you want to balance your chakra you will firstly need to learn how to think positive.

The principles of Reiki are very simple and easy to follow. In addition to that, it is non invasive and can solve any known problem, so if you suffer from a bodily or emotional problem you should give it a try!

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